The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the perfect place for a couple who wants to find an adventure but not break the bank. The perfect place for friends who want to learn how to surf in the morning but brunch at noon and the casino in the evening. The Gold Coast is an amazing place to take a family who loves Warner Brothers and amusement parks. It has something for everyone.

The highlight of this trip was the walk back from our New Years’ party to the hotel. To say that I walked over a mile on the beach while fireworks were in the background holding hands with my husband is unbelievable. Sounds like a good Netflix rom-com right. Well, that’s exactly what happened.

This trip was a refresher for my husband and me, an awesome way to bring hope into the new year that this pandemic has stolen from us. We were able to bask in the glow of this trip with the optimism that 2021 will bring us many blessings, love, and joy.