The Australian- Gold Coast

Covid-19 has left my husband and me with limited destination options. So as my first entry to my travel blog I want to address the stress of traveling while living in a different country. My husband and I live in Australia. We made the decision to live here with the notion of seeing this side of the world like New Zealand, Asia, Fiji, and all of Australia. However, all hell broke loose in March of 2020, our Fiji, Bali, and New Zealand trips were canceled. As a couple who will travel every three months, we were miserable. We were about to go stir-crazy. My husband did everything in his power to find local places to travel in the outback but this southern Pink Street Diva wasn’t about to do all that hiking. Did it, done that, now where’s my shirt.

Let’s fast forward to December of 2020. Since we had accumulated so many airline vouchers and hotel points because of all the canceled trips, we decided to do a 2-week holiday/vacation for Christmas and the New Year. For New Years’, we stayed in the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise. This place had everything I needed, the beach, shopping, food, and entertainment. If I forgot to mention something, I am pretty sure it was there. The Gold Coast is considered to be the Las Vegas of Australia, honestly, I think it’s better than Vegas.