DIY Bar Cart Display


A bar cart in the corner can class up any room if it is set up correctly. I’ve become obsessed with bar carts a few years back. If I could I would have one in every room, however, I don’t want people thinking I am obsessed with alcohol. It’s just the beauty of the cart. Below is my recipe for creating an awesome bar cart display.  All items can be found at your local Home Goods, Home Sense, Ross, TJMax, or any home decorating store. If you are like me, I tend to shop around until I find the perfect pieces.  

Bar carts can range from $50 up to thousands, here is one that I found on Amazon, it’s the exact one I have now. 

Items needed 

There should always be a theme to your cart or match the room which it is in  I tend to change my cart according to the season or my mood. Yes, it is in the corner or set apart for the rest of the furniture but it should still go with the room aesthetically.

A bar cart should consist of the high low décor method, something that will bring the eye up (like a centerpiece). The bar accessories will act as the low.  

In my examples, you see that I used all the space on the cart, you don’t necessarily have to do this but make sure you have something on all the shelves.  

Have fun creating your bar cart.