DIY Flower Name Board

When I first moved to Alice Springs Australia, I felt like my house needed a little Pink Street flavor. So, I decided to put a flowered name board in my vestibule. I choose to use my last name because I love displaying Bell whenever I can. Below are the steps and items needed to recreate this DIY. I hope you enjoy and if you are inspired to add a twist, please do, it’s all about love and creativity.

Items needed:
Wooden Name SignFaux flower
Large Picture Frame
Styrofoam board
E6000 glue
Invisible wire
Spray paint (optional)

Here are the steps in which I used to create this flowered name board.

Since shipping to Australia is a difficult process, it takes up to three to four weeks for an item to get here. I started with this step first. On Amazon, I found a few companies that sold wooden name signs. You can many fonts and sizes, just be mindful of the lettering. You don’t want to customize a size that is too big, so make sure you know your measurements. Spray paint if you desire.

Keeping the measurements of the wooden sign in mind, the next step is to buy your frame. I found a cheap frame at the local department store. Walmart, Kmart, Target, or your local craft store will do. I found a 48x36 frame, you can go bigger if you want. Find a Styrofoam board that can be used in the frame. If necessary, buy the Styrofoam and cut it to fit the frame.
The flower used were from amazon. I used these because of the unique velvet texture. You can use any faux flower you want, make sure you buy in bulk. I used 3 different colors all totaling over 200 flowers. Cut the stem accordingly, long enough to stay on the Styrofoam board without going all the way through.
Glue all the flowers to the board and add the wooded sign to the outside of the frame. Add invisible wire to the sign and adjust to your liking. I made holes in the Styrofoam board, threaded the wire to the back of the board, and tied both ends together.
Hang board to your liking.

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